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[dead link]

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Другие названия этого шаблона: {{Dead link}}, {{Недоступная ссылка}}.


This template is used by DeadLinksBot to flag links that are invalid, making them easier to find and update.

Using {{Dead link}} will tag broken links, but by default the template does not generate any visible output, although users can enable the ErrorHighligher gadget from Special:Preferences to highlight links that have been tagged. Articles containing broken links are also added to Категория:Статьи с неработающими внешними ссылками.

Append this template directly after the link or template, leaving the original link intact.

Common form (with current date)

{{Dead link|март 2024}}


  • [http://www.example.com Example link] {{Dead link|September 2012}}
    Example link [dead link]
  • http://www.example.com {{Dead link|September 2012}}
    http://www.example.com [dead link]


  • Leave a space between the template and the link to avoid breaking links (e.g. http://www.example.org/ {{Dead link}}). Add brackets if necessary.
  • Avoid complicated formatting. Nesting inside a template is generally not supported well.
  • Avoid using [ ] { | } < > characters between the end of the external link and {{Dead link}}, as they are often used to format text.


A template to indicate that the preceding URL is dead

Параметры шаблона[Править данные шаблона]


The month and year the URL was found to be dead, like "June 2013"

Строковый (без форматирования)необязательный